131 - Corner Grinding Belt Machine

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131 - Corner Grinding Belt Machine

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For the execution of radius or for the cleaning of welded corners

The machine has been designed for cleaning welded corners on the edges of rectangular pieces such as work surfaces, boxes and cases with welded corners at a maximum height of 150mm and to perform radius’ on flat pieces of the same height in a very short time.

The machine consists of a cabinet stand suitable for housing belts. The grinding head, the adjustable work surface, as well as the self-filtering suction system are secured into the cabinet stand.

Grinding belt motor 2,25/1,5 rpm 2.800/1.400 kW
Suction motor 0.56 rpm 2.800 kW
Grinding belt (development x width) 2.000 x 150 mm
Grinding belt cutting speed 24/12 m/sec
Belt rolling wheels No. 2 (diameter x width) 50 x 150 mm
Work surface 600 x 250 mm
Air suction volume of dust suction system 700 m3/h
Noise in average working conditions 78/80 dB(A)
Overall dimensions 70 x 140 x 150 mm
Net weight 130 Kg



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