Specialist items

We’re well aware that not every specification for an item or product can be taken ‘off the shelf’. That’s why we work closely with our customers to provide the perfect abrasive solution that lives up to expectations. For example, if there’s an abrasive belt that doesn’t match the size that our customer requires, then we’ll make one that does. Is there a Typhoon zirconium flap disc that our customer needs that doesn’t match up to the size and grit that’s required? No problem, we’ll create a solution for them. It’s as easy as that.


Every business works differently and we know that some businesses need items in bulk, inhouse and in-hand. Aerotech Group offers companies consignment where and when it’s needed. If our customers require 100 Typhoon zirconium flap discs, then we’ll deliver the items along with a customised cabinet, whilst monitoring the items on a weekly basis. Our customers can dictate the frequency in which the items are topped up. For example, if the flap disk inventory drops below 50 items.

Technical back up to trial products

Aerotech Group works with our partners to provide technical back up to our customers when they’re trialing new products within the workplace. This isn’t necessarily applicable to the majority of our customers, but because we have so many strong connections with our suppliers and partners, we always have the option of calling on their expertise.