521 – Belt Grinding Machine


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0n contact wheel and work surface

The machine has been designed for grinding, smoothing and sanding on both contact wheel and work surface .
The column base is not very large, therefore, the head of the machine can be adjusted both in height (6 cm) and in angle, around 30° upwards and downwards ensuring the best ergonomic position while working both standing up and sitting down.
The motor is situated opposite to the contact wheel, enabling completely free movement when tooling complex pieces.
The contact wheel is covered with grooved rubber to allow the maximum removal of the material and the best use of the abrasive belt; for particular requirements, it can be quickly replaced with others having different features.
When tooling on the work surface, the belt runs on a strip of graphite cloth, softening and homogenizing the tooling process. If required, this allows the work surface to be softened by the insertion of a layer of sponge between the metal base and the graphite strip; this way, the belt can adjust according to the piece deformation, obtaining a particularly fine finish.

Grinding belt motor 3.5/4.5 – 4 – rpm
2.800/1400 Hp
Dust suction motor 0.75 – rpm 2800 Hp
Abrasive belt (development x width) 2000 x 75 mm
Contact wheel (diameter x width) 75 x 2000 mm
Grinding belt cutting speed 32/16 m/sec
Belt rolling surface 585 x 170 mm
Air volume dust suction system 700 m³/h
Noise in average working conditions 78/80 dB/A
Code: 89-521
Manufacturer: Gecam
Price £2895
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