Clean Marker Brush-V3 Weld Cleaning Kit


In stock

The Kit includes:

Clean Marker Brush-V3 Machine x1
Cable 4 m, 10 qmm red x1
Cable 4 m, 10 qmm black x1
Greinox TF 1,0 liter x1
High performance pickling brush size „S“ M8 x1
Pickling brush head size 1 M8 unisolated x5
Widenecked-polybottle 500 ml x1
Cleaning tool black 35 x15x25, 60° black x1
Cleaning felt 40 x 60 mm f. standard stamp x50
O-ring for stamp 30/40 mm x5
Greinox Polish; 1,0 liter, for bright surfaces x1
GN 2 1,0 Neutralyt GN2, 1,0 liter, for neutralisation x1
Scotch Brite hight performance cleaning cloth 32 x 36 cm x1
ALU case x1
Marking tool 30 x 15 standard black x1
Marking fleece 60 x 1000 x 2 mm x2
Electrolyte GE 08; 100 ml, for dark marking on stainless steel x1
Electrolyte GE B3; 100 ml, for dark marking/all metal surfaces x1
Scissors x1


By easily shifting the sleeve, the fine brush hair is pressed together. You will thus achieve a more concentrated cleaning effect. Ideal for fillet and butt welds.

Clean Marker Brush-Series
pickling, passivating, polishing and marking of stainless steel.

  • Maximum cleaning performance with lowest possible ingredient concentration.
  • Clear reduction of corrodibility on treated workpieces in comparison to similar processes available on the market.
  • Physiological influences are eliminated during the process, or reduced to a minimum.
  • Ecologically friendly, fast and colour matching cleaning and passivating of welding seams on stainless steel.
  • For marking and cleaning, the brush and electrode attachments can be changed easily.

Suitable for brush and electrode attachments

What can be marked?

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Hard metal
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Chrome-plated and nickel-plated surfaces

Marking for …

brandings, certification marks, scales, serial numbers, QR-codes, graphics, specifications, texts …

  • dark marking
  • precise and long-lasting marking
  • easy to handle
  • marking within seconds

Start working directly with the Clean Marker entire equipment within the handy suitcase!

Price £775.00
Clean Marker Brush-V3 Weld Cleaning Kit
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